Our frame fit geometry, positions the eye perfectly.





 Swap – Fit - Transition.


Our spare bridges make customisation of stock frames easy.


iPlay bridges feature 2 level adjustment.


Mono Bridge – Fitted to our early years’ frames, for a super snug fit on smaller noses.


Split Bridge – Fitted as standard to all frames size 42 or larger. The next step in perfect fitting eyewear.




Side Adjustment.


A perfect fit is essential to maximise the lens benefit. 

118mm total length sides, adjustment range - LTB 70/82mm LTT 80-92mm

   130mm total length sides, adjustment range - LTB 83/95mm LTT 93/105mm


Sides are interchangeable throughout the iPlay range.


Double lock.


Strong, safe, and secure side adjustmnent.

All sides feature our unique stud lock and screw system.






All frames are supplied with an easy fit, adjustable headband.






Our super strong material is resistant to cleaning solutions and cracking. Experience beautiful colour and amazing shine, we guarantee it!

We have an accidental damage warranty on our eyewear, ask your agent for details