All iPlay frames can be ordered with specified side lengths or bridge fittings, delivered to your practice at no extra cost. Connect with our agent today and order using the 'iPlay Bespoke' service, make your choices, and leave the rest to us."

Rob Barrow FBDO (R) SMC (tech), Director and Founder of Exeter Eyewear.



iPlay frame fit geometry and design.



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Our RX lifetime accidental damage policy is your aftercare assurance.

Easy replacement of accidentally damaged frames - 50% off the list price.


iPlay Eyewear is designed for enhanced comfort, ease of fit and play.

We know some young people take longer to transition to change, so we make sure our designs have overlapping features as they get bigger.



Our products and packing are responsibly sourced.

Where possible, we use local suppliers and imports are by sea.

We are proudly compliant with the Optical Suppliers Association Green Charter.